Detail of the Week: Bandanas


Each week on Friday I will be posting about a piece that I feel one can incorporate into their personal wardrobe to add some style. The purpose of this blog as a whole is to provide you, the readers, with some know-how on contemporary men's dressing. The idea with these Friday posts is that you will be able to pick and choose which details you fancy so that you may start to develop your own personal style. 

This week's clothing item has been essential for decades possibly even centuries. It has been used to shield the face from debris or wipe sweat from the brow after a hard day's work. I am talking about the bandana. A bandana is a small detail that can have as heavy or as light of an impact as the wearer prefers. Bandanas range from traditional paisley to elaborate custom patterns unique to a designer or brand. I have a collection of them myself, my favorite being a vintage one that was made in the USA that I purchased on ebay for around five dollars. It came soft and broken in and I just tossed it in the wash on a short cycle and it was ready to wear. 

If your'e stepping out of the house in your plain white t-shirt and favorite jeans twist your bandana tight and tie it around your neck, tucking the excess under your collar. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 8.25.59 PM.png

Dressing up for a dinner or a casual wedding and want to lose the tie? Replace it with a vibrant textile that sets you apart from the pack yet still reads as upscale.






These are just a couple of ways you can style a bandana but experiment for yourself. Rule nothing out initially, this is how we build a sense of style. Stand in front of the mirror and just play with the different combinations of shirt and bandana!

For some great options look on Ebay under Vintage bandana! Happy Hunting!