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Hey guys!

Thanks for visiting my site and Pleasure to meet you!

What is the point of this new fashion blog? Why are you using your valuable time to be here? The answers to these questions are relatively simple. I want to provide a platform for men to learn about clothes and in the process learn about themselves. Every man deserves to feel handsome and respected, and just simply putting on the right clothes in the morning can pave the way for an attitude that was inside you all along. In this blog I will teach you about the essential pieces that every man should have in their wardrobe to cover the majority of your weekly needs. I will teach you about body type, skin tone and hair color, as it relates to one's wardrobe so that you may compliment these attributes to individually maximize your appearance. After all, no body is the same, so we must account for this fact whilst we learn. This in turn will allow you to go out into the world feeling great, looking your absolute best and in turn living a more sustainable lifestyle.

We are living in an age plagued by more issues than we can count. I want to focus on the ones related to clothing. With fast fashion being at its height, humans are consuming clothing at a rate much faster than the world's resources can possibly sustain. We are filling landfills with polyester garments just so we can be trendy for a day. All of my teachings will have a residual affect of sustainability. I will teach you to be the best looking man in the room with the clothes that you've had along. Quality is essential on this blog and each post will build on the last. I will be posting three times a week, on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday with posts dedicated to advising you on the essentials for your wardrobe, how you can add some personal style, and why men wear what we wear through some fashion history. I look forward to being your weekly read and I hope you guys enjoy!

R. Cole Stevens